cropped-gs19101.jpgHave you ever wondered how the street you live on got its name? Or why Luton, in Bedfordshire, has a Devon Road and Somerset and Taunton Avenues? Or, when researching family history have found that your relatives lived in Peach or Pine Street, or other roads that no longer appear on the map? Luton has grown from a place with a handful of streets in the early 19th century to over 1460 streets, roads, avenues and other thoroughfares. I am establishing when each street was named and why they were given the names we know them by. It is proving to be a fascinating way of understanding local history, the growth of Luton and the people, places and industries that have been commemorated. Click on the ‘Street Stories’ button above to read about the roads named after birds, saints, mayors and cars. The part Luton played in manufacturing aeroplanes during both the First and Second World Wars is revealed through the name of a street in Leagrave and those near the airport. The earliest and the latest street names are examined as well as some that do not seem at first glance to be linked. A lot of information is still needed to complete the picture so please read the ‘How you can help’ section and see how your knowledge of Luton can help fill in the many gaps in the story.