TheGeorgeHotelMy aim is to establish why the streets in Luton have the names by which they are known.

All 1450+ streets in the LU1, LU2, LU3 and LU4 postcode areas of Luton, within the borough boundary, are listed and can be searched alphabetically, by year named, by postcode or by category. Clicking on the street name brings up the information I currently have. The year it was named, or the earliest reference I have found to the street name, is given. I have sorted the names into different categories to show whether they have been named after a person, place, nature etc.

Currently I have over 200 streets with no suggestion as to the category in which they belong. If I have found a reference to the street giving information about the reason for the name I list the book/author in the section ‘Source for Name’. Clicking on the blue word ‘Google’ brings up a map showing the location of the street. The ‘Notes’ section contains any information I have regarding the name, or any interesting facts about the history of the street.

Past Street names – this section gives information on those street names that no longer appear on the map. Usually this is because the street has been renamed or redevelopment has caused the street itself to ‘disappear’. If you are researching family history this section may help you find a street listed on a census record or other documents.

lustonstreetname-7The ‘features’ section of the menu has the following parts. ‘How you can help’ gives details of ways you can use your knowledge to add to the information on this website. ‘Featured Streets’ contains the stories behind some of the more intriguing street names especially those that form a group. ‘Suggest a street name’ gives you the chance to offer a suitable name for the new streets that are still being laid out in the town. ‘Street Name Suffixes’ contains information about the second part of names, including the first use of each one in Luton. ‘Questions and Answers’ will contain the answers to questions I am asked regarding the naming of streets. ‘Growth chart’ provides a view of the increase in the number of streets in Luton over the past 150 years.

In the ‘Other’ section of the menu you will find details of how to contact me and a list of all the sources I have used to obtain information. These include some excellent books on the history of Luton. Links to other sites that may be of interest are also provided.