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Dale geographical feature?
Gate In south has normal meaning. In north and east often means street or road
Brook Proximity to small stream?
Drift Lane or road along which horses or cattle were originally driven
Approach Leading somewhere, for example an airport
Alley Originally a walk bordered with trees or shrubs
Arcade shops, enclosed
Bank Road that rises up a slope
Boulevard Wide tree lined road, from France
Brow Hill or rise, from Scottish word brae
Buildings Short street leading past a group of buildings
Causeway Raised road across marshy or low lying ground
Circus Circular range of buildings
Cottages Short row of cottages
Embankment Built along a bank that has been constructed to contain a river
Esplanade seaside promenade
Lawn Originally an area of untilled land (laund) and then a grassy area, originally one in or near a wood
Mount A steeply rising road